I had been thinking of becoming a buy-to-let investor for quite some time due to the low interest rates making nothing of my savings and equity continuing to pile up in my own property. With a busy job, and a lot of weekend commitments, I struggled to find the time to view properties or really kick-start the process. It was a source of frustration for me, as I could see the London market was a great place to invest, and I wasn’t benefiting from it. The MPC service was exactly what I was looking for. Within weeks of our first meeting, I was the proud owner of two buy-to-let properties. They took all of the hassle and stress away from me, and my investments are already growing significantly in value due to their location in an up-and-coming area of London.

Angela Durnin

City Worker

What I loved most about MPC was that it was completely hassle-free for me. MPC quickly understood what I was looking for and met the brief straight away. They arranged the re-mortgage of my flat, and the buy-to-let mortgage for the investment property. MPC found me a fantastic investment property in an area of London I wouldn’t otherwise have considered, and made sure that the rental income more than paid for the increase in my residential mortgage, with some left over to pay for any expenses that may crop up. So I’m not out of pocket, and I now have a growing investment in London.

Gordon Deas

Senior Executive, Private Equity

I’ve been wanting to invest in the London property market for a while, but I live overseas and just don’t have the time or local knowledge to look for good investment properties. MPC has done all of the hard work for me. Even when one of the properties fell through, as so often happens when buying in London, MPC sourced me a new property, and dealt with the solicitors on my behalf, without charging me any extra. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Chetan Chauhan

Derivatives Trader

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